Desalination Units

Technology Partner

German company DEFRAWater creates sustainable solutions for the production of fresh, clean water through the supply of unique membrane filtration technology.

Products use open channel modules in a variety of applications, including leachate treatment at landfills, marine and offshore reverse osmosis, industrial water waste and surface water treatment.

Aqua Resources SA Offers

Aqua Resources SA supplies products in Sub-Saharan Africa and provides aftercare support and process troubleshooting services in conjunction with DefraWater.

Product Range

Marine and offshore reverse osmosis

With its unique design and layout, the DefraWater system is compact, facilitates easy field servicing and daily routine maintenance. It is available either through the standard product line or can be custom-designed to meet specific requirements and regulations.


Membrane filters include a wide range of materials, including those suitable for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. These are selected and adapted across an extensive array of applications, including industrial, municipal, commercial and home drinking water.

Leachate treatment

User-friendly by design, high quality and low maintenance leachate treatment solutions are applied at landfills. Plants are available either in skid or containerised units. DefraWater has extensive experience in the treatment of landfill leachate and the supply of optimum designs to improve running costs and water discharge quality.