Pre-Filtration Products

Italian company Everblue was born as a result of many years of experience in the field of water treatment, with a special focus on filtration and membrane system technologies.

Everblue offers high quality products, fast and efficient commercial support, customized solutions on request & specialized technical service.

Everblue provides an advanced range of filtration system technologies. Everblue filter housings can be supplied as modular systems which enables downtime to be limited to one or a select number of skids rather than taking the entire filtration system offline.

Product Range

Bag Filter Housings

Filtration Cartridges

Filter Bags

Self Cleaning Filters

Cyclon Filters

Housing For Filter Cartridges

The EverblueSelector Software​

Tool assists in determining the type and size of housing and cartridge elements required for various applications and feed waters.


Everblue’s extensive range of products provides effective pretreatment filtration in advance of other technologies like ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

Aqua Resources SA Offers

Aqua Resources SA and Everblue provide technical service and support that includes:

  • Filtration system design
  • Troubleshooting for filtration systems

Thanks to a network of distributors, agents and affiliated companies like Aqua Resources SA, Everblue guarantees fast and efficient commercial and technical support.